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  • Providing man power
  • Maintenance of aircraft


  • ATM and installation solution

Automation Project - Gas,Fire and Smoke Detectors

NIIPL is one of the market leader in providing safety, security and networking solutions. Over the last two and a half decades we have been providing solutions to Oil & Gas, Power & water, Pharma & Fertilizers, Steel & Cement, Commercial, Infrastructure industries all over the Ind NIIPL is a company with a difference. At NIIPL, customers are our valuable assets and their safety and security is our primary concern. We follow the highest standards that ensures safety of people, plant and equipment through our reliable products and efficient services. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction while consistently providing highest quality solutions.
We have high end system integration capabilities for Fire and Gas Detection System, IP Based Direct Digital Controller (BMS), CCTV – Surveillance and Networking to offer a unique solution platter. With this, NIIPL is an one point of contact for offering Fire & Gas Detection System, CCTV – Surveillance, BMS, Networking Solutions for Industrial and Commercial as well as small projects like pumping station, chillers – HVAC etc. applications.