Telecom Services

  1. Network Design, Nominal planning, RF / LOS Survey, Installation, Integration, site functionality verification.
  2. Routine Network Drive Test.
  3. Network Audit
  4. Network Optimization and Optimum Capacity planning and utilization.
  5. Benchmarking
  6. In – building solution and Turnkey services
  1. End to end consultancy and problem solving for all mobile telecom domain (Technology standards) this includes
  1. Capacity planning Optimization and Utilization
  2. Audit of Core n/w Trouble shooting and integrating value added services seamlessly over the core and RF n/w, resulting in customer satisfaction.
  1. Installations, commissioning and integration of various network such as (telecom standard) in the Fields of 2G/3G/HSPA/UMTS/4G/LTE.
  2. Operation and maintenance
    1. Field Maintenance of Converged Networks
      1. BSC/RNC, BTS, NODE B, eNode B
      2. MW & Optical Transmission
      3. IBS Active & Passive Antenna Solutions
      4. Access Technologies – ADSL, VDSL , GPON , FTTX
      5. Assistance to Core Network Maintenance
      6. IP Networks
      7. AC/DC Power Systems,
      8. Air Conditioning Equipments,
      9. Shelter Equipments ,
      10. Fire Fighting Systems ,
      11. Generators
    2. NoC Services: Converged Networks
    3. Fixed Network Audit and Re-engineering Services
  1. Skillset
  1. Design planning and implementation of last mile connectivity for the wireless domain
  2. Design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Wi max projects
  3. Design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of communication backbone for scada projects in the energy and utility sector
  • In building solution
  • RF survey
  • Network and coverage planning and prediction
  • BS : IBS planning, designing and dimensioning.
  • IBS survey
  • IBS installation and commissioning
  • IBS walk tests and optimization